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Video Editing

Two suites of video editing horsepower stand by at our Houston studios awaiting your next post production project.  Need digital Betacam?  We got that.  Need DVC Pro 50?  We got that.   Need Beta SP?  We got that.  We've even got 1" VTRs, DV, DVCam and SVHS should you be so inclined. 

Several terrabytes of storage, HD ready Final Cut edting on Apple's finest multi-processor systems, and Blu-Ray authoring means we can deliver your High Definition video in all kinds of ways that will make you happy.

Once your video is edited, our suites can format, compress and deliver your project directly to the web, your local broadcaster or cable company.  Need high volume DVD duplication?  Yes, we've got that too.

Best of all our editors have over 20 years of experience cutting everything from commercials to major label music videos. If you watch television, you've seen their work.

Call today and schedule your next editing session at 713-783-EDIT.  You'll be so glad you did.