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4K / HD Camera Packages

Featuring the Panasonic DVX200 4K, our ENG/EFP package is unsurpassed. We have everything you'll need to exceed your client's expectations including:

  • Alfred Chroziel Matte Box/Filter Systems
  • Mole Richardson lights
  • Desisti lights
  • A full range of micing systems
  • Sachtler tripods

Digital Electronic Cinematography Package

  • Panasonic DVX200 4K Camera
  • ALFRED CHROZIEL matte box w/ 4X4 filter holders
  • TIFFEN filter package
  • SACHTLER tripod w/ fluid head
  • MARSHALL V-LCD70KP monitor
  • DESISTI / MOLE lighting package
  • Grip package
  • Audio equipment per requirements
  • Necessary carts/carriage
  • Necessary batteries, cabling and collateral


  • Videographer
  • Audio/Grip Tech - per requirements

Available Audio:

  • Sennheiser shotgun w/ boompole & accessories
  • AKG shotgun
(10 hrs. portal to portal) $1,975.00

Also available: 2) Canon 7d DSLRs, 2) GoPro Hero 2's

We can arrange for any Camera Package that you desire, customized to your specific needs.



Video Camera Packages - Digitial Cinematography